Corner Hinges

How to Determine The Type of Corner Hinges?

When it comes to home decor, brass bearing hinges play a vital role in determining the overall look and feel of the place. The appearance and the performance of brass bearing hinges affect the interior and exterior of any commercial and residential settings. With scores of options available for scores of applications, it is certain that there is a perfect hinge option out there for your needs.

We can help you decide which brass bearing hinges will suit your purpose best. Choosing the right brass bearing hinges can be a laborious task when you want just the right match for your door's color and texture. With only a few considerations, you can choose the right option for your door and application.
Here is a step by step process that will help you decide the brass bearing hinges that will suit your requirements best-

  • Cabinet type – If you are selecting brass bearing hinges for cabinets, determine the type of the cabinet. You should know whether your cabinet is a Face Frame cabinet or a Frame-less cabinet. The choice of brass bearing hinges primarily depends on this factor.  
  • Door Overlay – Determine the position of the door relative to the cabinet opening. This way, you can determine the configuration of the brass bearing hinges you will need. Overlay doors, Inset doors, partial inset doors, full overlay doors or half overlay doors,- all options demand different configurations of brass bearing hinges.
  • Concealed or Exposed – This is another option to consider. Determine whether or not you would want to see the hinges. Concealed hinges are ideal for you if you think they spoil the look of your house or your commercial property. Concealed hinges, semi-concealed hinges, and exposed hinges are the three different kinds of hinges available for you to pick, according to your taste.
  • Door Opening – Another aspect to consider is how much you want the door to open. Different hinges allow for different width of door openings. Some hinges let the door open till no more than 90 degrees, while others could stretch up to 270 degrees.
  • Special Features – You may also want some special features with your hinges such as a room where the door needs to be kept closed at all times and so self-closing hinges may be needed. This task is usually accomplished through spring hinges that automatically closes the door.
  • Measurements – It is also essential to consider the measurement of a hinge. The height and the width of the hinges are two aspects to consider, apart from the corner design of the hinges.
  • The number of hinges – It is critical to know the number of brass bearing hinges that you will need for your requirements. Educate yourself on the hinge size, hole patterns, and types of hinges, and only then make up your mind about one of these. Then, you need to start counting your doors to get the specific requirement. Ideally, most doors have three hinges and, most hinges are sold in pairs. So, if you have just one door that needs hinges, you will have to buy 2 pairs for 3 brass bearing hinges.

These are all the factors that determine your need for the type of corner hinges in your company or house.

The above factors will help you to determine the type of hinges that are best suited for your company or house as per your need.

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